The one line sell for The ReaderFeed is: It’s like Marvel Premiere or Showcase Comics, but for comic book podcasts.

Back in the good old days of comics, DC and Marvel had try-out titles. These were comic books that focused on characters who weren’t established commodities. No one really knew if a character featured in those titles would break out and become popular enough to warrant their own series. As with any try-out system, there were success stories and noble efforts. Some of the success stories from Marvel Premiere include characters like Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, and Black Panther; Showcase Comics featured such characters as The Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Lois Lane, Metal Men and The Spectre. Of course, there were also noble efforts like Marvel Premiere’s Liberty Legion, Woodgod, Monark Starstalker and Seeker 3000; while Showcase brought us Kings Of The Wild, Windy and Willy, Firehair, Jason’s Quest and Manhunter 2070.

The ReaderFeed will be attempt to create a podcast feed based on characters that might not have a large enough fanbase to warrant their own podcast feed, by people who might not want to devote time to a regularly scheduled podcast. That’s why the official symbol of The ReaderFeed is an unknown person with a question mark. Not knowing what’s coming next is part of the fun. Who knows? This may be the birthplace of next great comic book podcast or next podcast equivalent of The Maniaks.