Lords of Order 22

Earth 2 20 is the topic for discussion this episode.

Earth 2 20

Lords of Order 21

Listen/read along as host Ed Moore talks us through More Fun Comics 60.

MF 60

Ronin Rabbit 43

Today host Ed Moore talks about Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 30.

Usagi Yojimbo v1 30 cover

Lords of Order 20

This time out host Ed Moore goes through Earth 2 19.

Earth2 19

Ronin Rabbit 42

This episode host Ed Moore talks about Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 29.

Usagi Yojimbo v1 29 cover

Lords of Order 19

Host Ed Moore talks about Dr Fate’s appearance in The Spectre (1992) Annual 1 from 1995.


Ronin Rabbit 41

Host Ed Moore gives his thoughts on Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 28.

cover 28

Lords of Order 18

Earth 2 issue 18 is this episode’s topic as host Ed Moore takes us through Dr Fate’s exploits.


Ronin Rabbit 40

Listen in as host Ed Moore discusses Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 27 from Fantagraphics dated March 1991.

cover 27

Lords of Order 17

Host Ed Moore takes us back to Sepetmber 1940 for More Fun Comics 59 and the adventures of Dr Fate.


  • Steve: Another great podcast which, like always, I really enjoyed. Just out of curiosity, how closely are you able to...
  • Steve Hubbell: Great episode, as always.
  • BLD: :) I know exactly where the name Jei comes from. It is very fitting due to the behavior of Jei and the name...
  • Steve: Woo hoo! The first appearance of Usagi's nemesis Jai San (say that quickly and see if you can guess who...
  • Ed Moore: Wow, you are absolutely right I missed that entirely. Thank you for that.