Scotch & Comics Episode 022: The Lost Episode

Gather around, podcast listeners, as I tell the tale of Episode 22 of the Scotch & Comics podcast, also known as…The Lost Episode! Abandoned shortly after it was recorded because of its strange aural qualities, it was thought that this episode would never see the light of day, but your intrepid host Devin R. Bruce was not going to let it go that easily. After searching the world for hints about the episode’s location, he tracked it down in Marrakesh. After escaping an underground city of feral accountants and social workers, he dusted it off and has now sent it to you for safekeeping.

Thrill at the exploits of Bronze Age Superheroes in Adventure Comics #464! Gasp at the twists and turns of The Janus Directive! Shiver as your host revels in the finales of FF and Young Liars. Shudder at the strange audio happenings! All that and more in this very special episode of Scotch & Comics!

Full show notes available on the website.

Lords of Order 25

Host Ed Moore discuss Dr Fate’s appearance in More Fun Comics 62 from 1940.

more fun comics 062 00 heritage fc more fun comics 062 60

Ronin Rabbit 45

Host Ed Moore goes over the story Kitsune from Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 32.

Usagi Yojimbo 32 (01)

Lords of Order 24

Host Ed Moore talks about Earth 2 21.


Lords of Order 23

Host Ed Moore discusses More Fun Comics 61.


Ronin Rabbit 44

This time out host Ed Moore talks about Circles chapter 4 from Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 31.

Usagi Yojimbo 31 (01)

Lords of Order 22

Earth 2 20 is the topic for discussion this episode.

Earth 2 20

Lords of Order 21

Listen/read along as host Ed Moore talks us through More Fun Comics 60.

MF 60

Ronin Rabbit 43

Today host Ed Moore talks about Usagi Yojimbo v1 issue 30.

Usagi Yojimbo v1 30 cover

Lords of Order 20

This time out host Ed Moore goes through Earth 2 19.

Earth2 19

  • Steve: Another great podcast which, like always, I really enjoyed. Just out of curiosity, how closely are you able to...
  • Steve Hubbell: Great episode, as always.
  • BLD: :) I know exactly where the name Jei comes from. It is very fitting due to the behavior of Jei and the name...
  • Steve: Woo hoo! The first appearance of Usagi's nemesis Jai San (say that quickly and see if you can guess who...
  • Ed Moore: Wow, you are absolutely right I missed that entirely. Thank you for that.